4648. Edward Bennett

"BENNETT, ...(4648) EDWARD, Weymouth, freem. 25 May 1636, rem. to Rehoboth 1643, perhaps was that Edward of Providence 1676, wh. resid. there thro. Philip's war."

-- James Savage, "A Genealogical Dictionary of The First Settlers of New England, Before 1692" c/o

4649. Elizabeth (not Eginton)

Rev. George S. Bennett of Boston, who has made a thorough search of the old records, states that (4649i) Samuel was the son of (4648) Edward, who came from Weymouth, England, and settled in Weymouth, Mass., and was there made a Freeman in 1636 [sic], after seven years' residence. He also states that the children of Edward were Samuel, (2324) John, (4649iii) Priscilla, Edmond, and Richard." --`The Bennett Family 1628-1910'

"...The direct ancestral relationship of Edward and Elizabeth has not been confirmed."

-- c/o Larry Overmire

This line would be a good candidate for a DNA study. Unfortunately, I have seen none to date.

4652. Matthew Beckwith

  • b. 1609/10 (not Pontefract), poss. York, England
  • d. 21 Oct. 1680 Age 70 New London, New London, CT ("falling from a rocky cliff on a dark night")
  • to MA from England BET 1630/39; to Hartford, CT 1639
  • Father: NOT Roger Beckwith of Aldorough
  • Mother: NOT Susan Brackenbury
  • (4653) Mary unknown

"BECKWITH, ...(4652) MATTHEW, New London 1652, Hartford 1658, then a freem., and had first liv. there 1639, rem. to Branford, there in 1668 was one of the founders of ch., thence to Lyme, there d. 21 Oct. 1680, aged a. 70, by fall in a dark night down a ledge of rocks. See Rev. Mr. Bradstreet's journal in Geneal. Reg. IX. 50. He had two ds. beside s. (4653iii) Matthew, (4653viii) John, and (2326) Joseph. His wid. m. (4653[2]) Samuel Buckland; and of the ds. one m. (4653ii[1]) Benjamin Grant; the other, (4653iv) Robert [[vol. 1, p. 152]] Gerard; but the name of either is not seen."

-- James Savage, op. cit.<

4653. Mary unknown

  • b. ABT 1623
  • d. 30 June 1694 Lyme, New London, CT
  • Family: (4652) Matthew Beckwith
  • i. Benjamin Beckwith
    • b. 8 Mar. 1642/43 CT
    • d. AFT 1679 lost at sea
    • m. Azubah Brewster (F) 1668 of Lyme, Hartford, CT
      • b. ABT 1650 New London Co., CT liv. 1680
  • ii. Mary Beckwith
    • b. 1643 New London, New London, CT
    • d. AFT 7 Feb. 1692/93 Lyme, New London, CT
    • Family (1): Benjamin Grant 1664 New London, New London, CT
      • b. 6 Sep. 1641 Watertown, Middlesex, MA
      • d. BET 1664/71
      • Father: Christopher Grant
      • Mother: Sarah/ Mary
    • Family (2): Samuel Daniels 10 May 1671 Watertown, Litchfield, CT
      • b. 1641 of New London, New London, CT
      • d. 1695 Medfield, Norfolk, MA
      • Father: Robert Daniel
      • Mother: Elizabeth Morse d/o Samuel of Suffolk
    • Children b. 1672/83
  • iii. Matthew Beckwith
    • b. 1645 Guilford, Hartford, CT
    • d. 4 June 1727 Lyme, New London, CT
    • m(1): Elizabeth (Hill?) (of Guilford, New Haven, CT)
    • m(2): (10188[2]a1) Elizabeth Griswold 1694 Guilford, New Haven, CT -- KENYON LINE
      • b. [ABT 1652] East Lyme, New London, CT
      • d. July 1727
      • Family (1): John Rogers 17 Oct. 1670 of New London, New London, CT (divorced)
        • b. 1 Dec. 1648 Milford, New Haven, CT
        • d. 17 Oct. 1721 New London, New London, CT
        • Religion: Founder ot the Rogerenes
        • Father: James Rogers (1614/15-87/88) of Dedham Esx
        • Mother: Elizabeth Rowland (1621-09) of Eng
      • Family (2): Peter Prat 5 Aug. 1679
        • b. ABT 1643
        • d. 24 Mar. 1688 Lyme, New London, CT
        • Father: Phineas Pratt (~1593-80) of Eng
        • Mother: Mary Priest (~1612-) of Eng

    "BECKWITH, ...(4653iii) MATTHEW, Lyme, s. of the (4652) preced. by w. (4653iii[1]) Elizabeth had Matthew, John, and James, the last b. 1 June 1671, and all were bapt. 10 Sept. foll. Jonah, b. 27 Dec. 1673; Prudence, 22 Aug. 1676; Elizabeth 4 Feb. 1679; Ruth, 14 Mar. 1681; and Sarah Dec. 1684. A sec. w. (4653iii[2]) Elizabeth wid. of Peter Pratt, wh. she m. after divorce from John Rogers, was d. of Matthew Griswold. Her he m. 1691, had a d. Griswold; and he d. 4 June 1727, in his will nam. all the ch. exc. Sarah, perhaps dec. and his wid. d. next mo."
    -- James Savage, op. cit.

  • iv. Elizabeth Beckwith
    • b. 1646/47 New London, New Lonson, CT
    • d. 15 Jan. 1719 Haddam, Middlesex, CT
    • Family (1): Robert Gerard 1665 CT
      • b. 1640 of New London, New London, CT
      • d. 1680 Haddam, Middlesex, CT
      • Father: Robert Gerard
      • Mother: Mary
    • Family (2): John Bates ABT 1677 Haddam Middlesex, CT
      • b. 7 Oct. 1649 Scituate, Plymouth, MA
      • d. 15 Jan. 1718 Haddam, Middlesex, CT
      • Father: James Bates
      • Mother: Ruth Lyford
  • v. Sarah Beckwith
    • b. 1650/53 New London, New London, CT
    • d. 14 Aug. 1676
    • Family: Joshua Grant ABT 1666 of Watertown, Middlesex, MA
      • b 11 June 1637 Watertown, Middlesex, MA
      • d. 14 Aug. 1676 Arrowsic, Sagadahoc, ME
  • vi. (2326) Joseph Beckwith
  • vii. Nathaniel Beckwith
    • b. 1656 New London, New London Co., CT
    • d. 25 Dec. 1725 Lyme, New London, CT
    • m(1): Martha unknown 1678 CT
      • b. 1657 Lyme, New London, CT
      • d. 1725 E. Lyme, New London, CT
    • m(2): Sarah Brockway 1703 CT
      • b. 23 Sep. 1669 Lyme, New London, CT
      • d. 9 Jan. 1738/39 East Haddam, Middlesex, CT
      • Father: Wolston Brockway
      • Mother: Hannah Briggs
  • viii. John Beckwith
    • b. 4 Feb. 1668/69 c. 10 Sep. 1671 New London Co., CT
    • d. 8 Dec. 1757 New London, New London, CT
    • m. Prudence Manwaring 1688 New London, New London, CT
      • b. 1668 c. 10 Sep. 1671 New London, New London, CT
      • d. 17 Nov. 1740 New London, New London, CT
      • Father: Oliver Manwaring
      • Mother: Hannah Raymond
  • Family (2): Samuel Buckland/ Bucknall AFT 1680
    • b. ABT 1618
    • rec. New London, New London, CT 1674
    • m(2): Hannah Waite AFT 1694
      • b. ABT 1624 England
      • d. 1709 Groton, New London, CT
      • Father: Samuel Waite
      • Mother: Mary Ward d/o Jn & Sus

    "BUCKLAND, sometimes BUCKLINE, ...(4653[2]) SAMUEL, New London 1674, m. first, the wid. of the first (4652) Matthew Beckwith, and, next, a. 1690, (4653[2][2]) Hannah, wid. of Philip Bill, and d. in 1700. She d. 1709."
    -- James Savave, op. cit.

"That our (4652) Mathew Beckwith was born in Pontefract in 1610 was disproved at least 70 years ago (~1931). There is no proof who is wife, Mary, is...

"Best to forget Marmaduke as he is not the father of Mathew Beckwith of New London & Lyme, CT. This connection was disproved back in the 1920s by some of the best genealogists in the country...

"Apparently the first public record of (Mathew Beckwith, Immigrant, in CT is AUGUST 1, 1639 when he is fined 10 shillings for immoderate & unseasonable drinking at the pinnace. A pinnace was a light, small schooner-rigged boat with oars...

"I have no information about Mathew earlier than 1639 & if any other person found when he came to America it has not been published... I have often wondered if Mathew came to Hartford with some Dutch sea-captain. When Caspar Varlet died in Hartford Mathew had some valuables in New London, CT which belonged to him.

"Mathew was not poor as he owned land in Hartford... (he) was not a mariner and never owned a vessel... (he) was left a small legacy, I believe, by a Capt. Sybado who I understand left a will in London, England...

"Why Mathew Beckwith is considered a founder of Saybrook is a puzzle to me. There are no vital records concerning him there. And to the best of my recollection there are no deeds for him there. He was early in Hartford, CT before he sold out in about 1652/3 and removed to New London, CT. Beckwith is a very old Yorkshire, England family.

"Found another book about the Founders of Saybrook 1635-1985 and in regard to Mathew it quotes Paul Beckwith, saying Mathew, Jr. was probably born at Saybrook Point in 1637. We now know from legal documents Mathew, Jr. was not born until 1645. His mother, Mary, would have only been 12 years old in 1637..."

-- c/o Virgil Huntley

4654. Peter Tallman

  • c. 20 Feb. 1623 Hamburg, Hanse
  • d. 1 Apr. 1708 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
  • Occupation: Apothecary
  • m(1): (4655) Ann Hill 2 Jan. 1648/49 Christchurch Par., Barbados (divorced May 1665 Portsmouth, RI)
  • m(2): Joanna Briggs 24 July 1665 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
    • b. 1635 of Taunton, Bristol, MA
    • d. 1685 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
    • Father: John Briggs (Darrington, Yorks - > Portsmouth, RI)
    • Mother: Hannah Fisher
    • a. b>James Tallman
      • b. 1668 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
      • d. 1724 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
      • m. (2421viii) Hannah Swain 14 Sep. 1701 Portsmouth, Newport, RI -- STUBBS LINE
      • m(1): Mary Davol 18 Mar. 1689/90 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
        • b. ABT 1670 Newport, Newport, RI
        • d. ABT 1700 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
        • Father: Joseph Devoe
        • Mother: Mary Brayton
  • m(3): Esther Mar ABT 1686 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
    • b. 1640 Portssmouth, Newport, RI
    • d. 1708

4655. Ann Hill

  • b. ABT 1630 Waltham, Essex, England
  • d. BEF 1687 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
  • ARV RI 1650 from Barbados
  • Family (1): (4654) Peter Tallman (divorced 1665 RI)
  • i. Mary Tallman
    • b. 1651 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
    • d. June 1720
    • Family: John Pearce 28 Apr. 1669 Newport, Newport, RI
      • b. 8 Sep. 1647 Waltham Abbey, Essex, England
      • d. 5 Dec. 1707 Tiverton, Newport, RI
      • Father: Richard Pearce Bristol, Somerset -> Portsmouth, RI
      • Mother: Susannah Wright d/o Nathaniel
  • ii. Elizabeth Tallman
    • b. 1654 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
    • d. 20 May 1701 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
    • Family: Isaac Lawton 3 Mar. 1674/75 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
        b. 11 Dec. 1650 Cranfield, Bedford, England
      • d. 25 Jan. 1732 of Portsmouth, Newport, RI
      • Father: Thomas Lawton Mother: Elizabeth Salisbury
  • iii. Peter Tallman
    • b. 21 Mar. 1657/58 of Portsmouth, Newport, RI
    • d. 20 July 1731 Guilford, New Haven, CT
    • m. Anna Wright 7 Nov. 1683
      • b. 1650 Guilford, New Haven, CT
      • d. 21 May 1731 Guilford, New Haven, CT
      • Father: Benjamin Wright Mother: Jane
  • iv. Ann Tallman
    • b. 1660 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
    • d. 1732
    • Family (1): Stephen Brayton 8 Mar. 1678/80 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
      • b. 1654 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
      • d. 2 Apr. 1694 Portsmouth, RI
      • Father: Francis Brayton Mother: Mary
    • Family (2): Thomas Lee 17 July 1716
      • b. 1654 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
  • v. (2327) Susanna Tallman
  • vi. Joseph Tallman
    • b. 1662 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
    • d. AFT 1709
  • vii. Sarah Tallman /Tolman
    • b. 1664 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
    • d. 1732 Little Compton, Newport, RI
    • Family: William Wilbore 18 Dec. 1680 New Shoreham, Washington, RI
      • b. 25 Dec. 1660 Portsmouth/ Tiverton, Newport, RI
      • d. 1738 Little Compton, Newport, RI
      • Father: William Wilbor Mother: Martha Holmes
    • a. (2529II_a[1][2]) Mary Wilbur AFT 1721 RI -- KENYON LINE
      • b. 1685 Little Compton, Newport, RI
  • Family (2): Thomas Durfee (affair)
    • b. Oct. 1643 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
    • d. 14 July 1712 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
    • Father: Job Durfey Mother: Judieh Borden
    • a. Robert Durfee
      • b. 10 Mar. 1665 Portsmouth, Newport, RI
      • d. 10 May 1718 Freetown, Bristol, MA
      • m. (2139v[2]) Mary Sanford 1686/87 Portsmouth, Newport, RI -- BLANCHARD LINE

"Thomas Durfee when about 21 had an affair with Ann Hill (about 33), who was married to Peter Tallman, (about 42.) After Tallman divorced Ann in 1665, she and Tom continued their relationship. While she was very likely the mother of his eldest son Robert Durfee, born around the time of the divorce trial, she may or may not have been the mother of his subsequent five children. They very likely never married."

-- c/o Rick Durfey Balmer

"In 1664, Peter Tallman brought suit against Thomas Durfee, complaining that Durfee's attitude toward Tallman's wife, Ann, was disrespectful. Tallman said that Durfee's insolent carriage placed him in danger. The court sent for Durfee and advised him to behave. They were too discreet to reveal whether Durfee was gossiping about Ann Tallman, saying rude things to her or courting her attention. The last is doubtful as Peter's son Benjamin married Patience Durfee, Tom Durfee's daughter, in 1708. Tallman would never have permitted the marriage of his son to the daughter of a man who seduced his wife. Of course, that was the year that Peter Tallman dies so the possibility cannot be ruled out completely. The reason the situation with Durfee seems significant is that about seven months later, in May 1665, Peter filed for divorce from his wife , accusing her of adultery. In the Puritan colonies, adultery was a capital offense, though seldom punished to the full degree of the law. In Rhode Island, as well, adultery was a serious offense, but it was not punishable by death. According to the testimony in court, Ann Tallman wrote a letter to Peter Tallman informing his that her youngest daughter was not his. After hearing the letter read to her, Ann confessed to adultery. The court sentenced her to a fine of ten pounds and ordered that she be whipped. She was to receive fifteen lashes in Portsmouth, and the following week, fifteen lashes in Newport. She requested mercy of the court. In considering her petition, the Assembly asked if she was willing to reconcile with her husband, 'to which her answer was, that she would rather cast herselfe on the mercy of God if he take away her life, than to returne' That certainly makes Tallman sound as though he were hard to live with. With Tallman's frequent travel to New Amsterdam for business and the other host cities of colonial government, Newport, Warwick and Providence; it is clear that Ann Tallman was home alone a good portion of the year. This may have loosened her marriage bonds enough to risk the significant dangers of adultery. Ann Tallman was sent to jail to await the carrying out of her sentence, but she escaped and fled to her brother in Virginia. In 1667, she returned to the colony and a warrant was issued for her arrest. Rather than being punished for her escape, she was rewarded. Her fine was forgiven and her sentence was cut in half. Instead of fifteen lashes in Portsmouth and Newport, she would only be whipped in Newport..."



9308. Heinrich Taelmon

  • b. ABT 1586 Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark (now Germany)
  • liv. St. Nicholas, Hamburg 24 Mar. 1619
  • m(1): (9309) Anna unknown

9309. Anna unknown

  • [b. ABT 1595]
  • poss. liv. St. Nicholas, Hamburg 20 Sep. 1616
  • Family: (9308) Heinrich Taelmon
  • i. (4654) Peter Tallman
  • ii. Anna Maria Taelmon
    • c. Sep. 1616 St. Nicholas, Hamburg, Germany
  • iii. Elisabeth Taelmon
    • c. 24 Mar. 1618/19 St. Nicholas, Hamburg, Germany

9310. Phillip Hill

  • b. ABT 1602 England d. BEF 1650
  • liv. Christ Church Par., Barbados
  • m(1): (9311) Ann unknown 1627 (of) Portsmouth, Newport, RI

9311. Ann unknown

  • b. ABT 1602 England
  • liv. Barbados; Portsmouth, Newport RI; Flushing, Queens; Richmond Co., NY; VA
  • Family (1): (4654) Phillip Hill
  • [prob. NOT i. Zebulon Hill]
  • i. (4655) Ann Hill
  • ii. Robert Hill
    • b. ABT 1630 d. 1711
    • ARV 1650 Portsmouth, Newport, RI from Barbados/ NY
    • liv. 1651 Flushing, Queens, NY; AFT 1651 Rockland Co., NY
    • liv. VA ABT 1665/67
  • Family (2): John Elten AFT 1650 RI
  • Family (3): Capt. unknown Hudson VA
    • b. ABT 1600


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