Lt. Mordecai ELLIS & FREEMAN LINES, continued



2368. Lt. John Ellis III

"ELLIS, ...(2368) JOHN, Sandwich, m. a. 1645, (2369) Elizabeth d. of first (4738) Edmund Freeman, had, perhaps, (2369ii) Bennet, b. 27 Feb. 1649; but certain (1184) Mordecai, 24 Mar. 1651; (2369v) Joel, 20 Mar. 1655; and (2369vii) ) Matthias, 2 June 1657; d. 1677, then call. jr. yet wh. was the sen. is unkn. His w. surv. and with Mordecai admin. the est. "
-- James Savage, "A Genealogical Dictionary Of the First Settlers of New England, Before 1692" c/o

2369. Elizabeth Freeman

REF:;; SRC: Susan Durso. Gedcom database durn6ca. GenServ 4 Jan 1997. 145 Pleasant Dr. Brewster, NY 10509

(prob. 4736) John Ellis III came to America with his uncle (18947i) Richard Masterson on the "Mayflower" in 1629. ( prob. 2368) John was on a list of those between 16 and 60 able to bear arms in Sandwich 1643. He was on a committe to lay out a road from Sandwich to Plymouth 24 Feb 1652, and was made a Lieutenant on Jan 1653. On 1 Mar 1654, (2368) Ellis agreed to Build a mill with William Swift, William Allen and James Skeff. A John Ellis was also allowed by the Court in Sandwich to maintain an Inn and liquor store but the purchasers are not to drink on site.

On 18 Jun 1660, (2368) Lieutenant Ellis was instructed to deliver powder to the musqueteers. He built a town dock in 1662 -1665. He was chosen with others as 'raters' for Sandwich 13 Jul 1671. Given 20 acres of land on 26 Aug 1674, 'beginning at his cow yard at the Western side of his fence going down to the beach..' to be layed out by Job Bourn and (2376) Thomas Tupper. Chosen with others to lay out new land for Ebenezer Nye.

(2368) Ellis was ordered by the town meeting on 28 Feb 1675 to make provision for a garrison at Town Neck for people during King Philip's War. (prob. 4736) John Ellis II, along with his son ((prob. 2368) John III), ...may have been killed, along with Thomas Tobey, in Feb 1676/1677 in conflict with the Indians. (2368) John III's wife Elizabeth received a grant of land made to veterans of King Phillip's War. His inventory included clothes, beds, brass kettles, pots and pans, a rapier and belt and 'gun,' powder, bullets, tubs, barrels, pails, books, 4 cows, calves, bull, another lost bull (in the woods), a horse, 10 sheep with lambs, 5 hogs with piglets, chairs, iron pieces, 18 bushels of corn, iron molds for lead. In addition his son John IV also left a saddle, pistols, another horse with colt, lost horses, 2 augers, saw, and small tools, a boat, an old skif, and 1 1/2 yard of red cotton. etc.

(2368) John and (2369) Elizabeth were charged with fornication before marriage:

"(2368) John Ellis of Sandwich...and his now wife... is censured to be whit at publicke post and Elizabeth his wife to stand by whilst execucon of the sentence is pformed; which was accordingly done. And the said John Ellis for his long and tedious delayes occasioning much trouble and chare to the countrey, for that he would not confess the truth untill the present, is fined 5 li.' Served 5 Jun 1651 on the Grand Enquest."


NOTE: "Fornication" probably meant not being married in the established Congregational Church -- a charge often laid against Quakers.

2370. John Bourne

"BOURNE, ...(2370) JOHN, Marshfield, s. of (4740) Thomas, perhaps b. in Eng. m. 18 July 1645, (2371) Alice, d. of (4742) Thomas Besbedge the sec. m. on town's book, being in his will of Nov. 1672 so describ. and her ch. nam. (2371ii) Thomas, b. 1647; and (1185) Sarah, 1663, with allusion to other sis. wh. were (2371i) Elizabeth b. 1646; (2371iii) Alice, 1649; (2371v) Ann, 1651; (2371vi) Martha, 1653, and (2371iv) Mary, 1660; there was bur. 8 Dec. 1684; and his wid. was bur. 9 May 1686."

-- James Savage, op cit.

2371. Alice Bisbee/ Besbeech


"(2371iv) Alce Man the wife of John Man was dismissed from Marshfield Church to Braintree Church 7:8:1677 (Oct.7,1677) (Ch.Rec.). Alce Man was admitted to Church at Milton Jul.15,1694."


"[Joseph Bent] was constable in 1669. he moved back to Sudbury before 1661, however, and was killed accidentally in the summer of 1675 (aged 23) by a pistol shot from his brother Peter."


2372. Michael Blackwell/ Miles Black

"BLACKWELL, ...(2372) MICHAEL, or MYLES, Sandwich, had (2373ii) Michael, b. 1 June 1648, wh. d. at 25 yrs. prob. unm.; (2373i) John; (1186) Joshua; and (2372iii) Jane. Hardly can I doubt, that this man is he designat. in the Col. list of those able to bear arms 1643, as Miles Black, Geneal. Reg. IV. 257."

-- James Savage, op. cit.

2373. unknown


2374. Nathaniel Fish

"FISH, ...(2374) NATHANIEL, Sandwich 1643, perhaps br. of (4749v) John, had (2374[1]a) Nathaniel, b. 27 Nov. 1648; and (2374[1]c) John, 13 Apr. 1651. One Fish of Sandwich m. (2375) Lydia, d. of (4750) Rev. John Miller."

-- James Savage, op. cit.

2375. Lydia Miller


Most sites have (2374[1]a) Nathaniel Fish dying in 1666 and marrying in 1686, then having ten children BET 1687/08. There's something "fishy" about that ("It's robbing the grave", so to speak). His half-brother, (2375ii) Thomas (d. 1692??), also had a healthy and prosperous internment, siring six children while departed :-)


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