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How to change the DNS Numbers in

Windows 3.x, Win 95 and MacTCP.


Win 3.x

In Trumpet Winsock click File, Setup.   In the following screen you will need to change the Name Server to:   after you have made the appropriate changes click OK.  You have successfully changed DNS numbers.  Thank You!

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Win 95

You will need to go into Dial-up Networking.   

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Right click the icon for PCEZ.comŽ.  Select Properties.

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Select Server Types, then TCP/IP Settings.

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Change the numbers in the Primary DNS to:

and the Secondary DNS to:

prop3.gif (52711 bytes)


Click OK a couple of times. Close your Dial-up Networking.  You have successfully changed the DNS number.  Thank You!



This is the what the top area of the MacTCP window will look like. Normally, you'll see LocalTalk, Ethernet, and/or your PPP/SLIP software.

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If you want to use a PPP or SLIP connection, you must ensure that the proper icon is highlighted.

TIP: Occasionally (especially if you've installed new SLIP/PPP stuff), MacTCP gets confused & highlights the proper icon, but does not consider it selected. That is, it's highlighted, but for one reason or another, MacTCP doesn't know about it. If you're having connection problems, try selecting a different connection type, and reselect the original. That might set everything straight.

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As you should know, this is the MacTCP control panel. 

Change the IP Address in the Domain Server Information Box to: and set as Default

The second IP Address needs to be:   You have successfully changed your DNS Numbers.  Thank You!


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